GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia out now!

Today is release day for GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia, the second in a trilogy of EPs by Psychonautilus, in digital format. You can stream/download it here (and at many other sites):

Amazon                                                 Spotify

iTunes                                                   Deezer


GOLD014: Psychonautilus – Oneiromania is out on April 28th.

Track listing Notopia:
1. Notopia
2. Hierophantiasis
3. Dysphoria


GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability out now!

Today sees the worldwide release of GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability, the first of three Psychonautilus EPs in quick succession, in digital format. Get it here amongst others:

Amazon                                                 Spotify

iTunes                                                   Deezer


GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia and GOLD014: Psychonautilus – Oneiromania are out on April 14th and April 28th respectively.

Track listing Metastability:
1. Subjunctivitis
2. Ekpyrosis
3. Metastability
4. Kosmosis


GOLD012, 013, 014: Psychonautilus EP Trilogy

Our next releases are three EPs by Psychonautilus and come in quick succession,
every two weeks:

GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability on March 31st

GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia on April 14th

GOLD014: Psychonautilus – Oneiromania on April 28th

That’s 10 tracks of noisy electronica from the krautrock/ambient/experimental continuum.
Here’s a little taste:


GOLD011: Irk Yste – Wumpe/Stroppe out now!

Latest release out worldwide since Friday February 3rd 2017!
GOLD011: Irk Yste – Wumpe/Stroppe is the 3 track single debut by the Weimar-based duo. A dark but melodic affair of steady grooves and ambient textures, with the tempo turned down ever so slightly.
Available from your preferred digital retailers and streaming services, e.g. these ones:

iTunes                                                 Spotify
Amazon                                              Deezer

Track listing:
1. Wumpe
2. Stroppe
3. Pamps



Next Release – GOLD011: Irk Yste – Wumpe/Stroppe

Our first release of the year 2017 will be the debut single by Weimar based electronic duo Irk Yste. Wumpe/Stroppe gets its worldwide release in digital format on Feb 3rd 2017.
Check out a first review on Chain D.L.K.!
And there will be more new material throughout the year, both from Irk Yste and from other artists on GiveUsYourGOLD.


GOLD009: Rae Spoon – Armour out now!

We proudly announce the release of GOLD009: Rae Spoon – Armour as of today, December 2nd 2016!
GiveUsYourGOLD handles the CD release for the German market of Rae’s 8th solo albums, which has been available in their Canadian homeland  (and digitally) since February 2016. You can find Armour in select shops around the country, our own online shop right here and of course at the gigs Rae is playing right now around Germany, Austria and Switzerland alongside our very own Plastik.


GOLD010: Psycho & Plastic – Spacebus out now!

New release out since Friday Nov 11th!
GOLD010: Psycho & Plastic – Spacebus is a deep acid infused banger with ambient excursion Zvezdolet Lokomov as B-side.
Available at your favourite digital music platforms for download and streaming, e.g. at the following:

iTunes                                                       Bandcamp
Amazon                                                    Spotify
Juno                                                           Deezer

Track listing:
1. Spacebus (featuring Hezza Fezza)
2. Spacebus (featuring Hezza Fezza) [Radio Edit]
3. Zvezdolet Lokomov




Bigger, Better, New

Our new website is currently in development here. It will be the comprehensive home to our label GiveUsYourGOLD, our releases, artist roster and of course the online shop.  Please bear with us as we gradually fill in the blanks.
And do check back on a regular basis if you’re curious. We have exciting times ahead of us!