For AXL OTL, music was started in a fantastic explosion of distortion. But the young rock guitarist rapidly absorbed many other genres.
He practiced his violin and classical composition skills at the conservatoire, studied Jazz, explored traditional musics and started to experiment with a computer.
 Keeping on and taking in, he was mesmerized by the masters: 
Refused, Maurice Ravel, Django Reinhardt, Modeselektor, James Holden…

AXL OTL has lived in Paris, London, and Tokyo. Each time he learned to speak the language, making sure he was able to reach out to the local scene.
 But to find his very own sound, he had to redefine his goals.
Putting an end to his long collaborations with the bands Monsieur Jacquet (Gypsy-Jazz) and SNA-FU Grand Desordre Orchestre (Hardcore), he moved to Berlin in order to focus on his take on electronic music.

Fusing AXL OTL’s unique mix of influences has been like putting a puzzle together using parts from different sets. But after some clean cuts and the forging of some new pieces to fill the gaps, a unique and colourful picture has emerged. One that fuses multiple styles with pristine melodies under the roof of a danceable, electronic groove. A perfect fit for Berlin’s own GiveUsYourGOLD, the label for nonconformist music, under which founders Psycho & Plastic unite like minded genre-defying electronic artists.

Light but deep. Complex but accessible. AXL OTL’s sound is conceptual, mythic and narrative.
Pay attention and listen carefully. The music is speaking.