GOLD007: RENU – Plasma

renu-plasma-cover-artGiveUsYourGOLD‘s label heads Psycho & Plastic proudly introduce the first release by their newly signed artist RENU the 3-track EP Plasma.

Plasma is a dark, moody triptych and RENU‘s first music and film release since moving to Berlin from London.

The EP opens with “Light”, a pulsating, breathy asphyxiation. Born out of a cocoon, awaiting it’s first glimpse of light. The second part “Fight” is a high-energy industrial breakbeat piece. Relentless, acrobatic, referencing martial arts. “As One”, the final part of the triptych gently floats us towards resolution, release and cognition.

Plasma is not only a collection of three tracks, but also a unique collaboration between composer RENU, filmmaker Ludovic Ramisandraina (Paris/London) and choreographer/dancer Ichi-Go (Japan/Berlin). Film and dance further explore the concept of the triptych, observing light, movement, emotion and the visceral quality of the dancer and her environment.

Format: digital Release Date:
June 10th 2016
Territory: worldwide