GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability


Metastability is the first in a trilogy of EPs by Psychonautilus, out on  GiveUsYourGOLD this spring.
Psychonautilus is the sonic research vessel of Thomas Tichai, one half of the creative duo behind GiveUsYourGOLD and label staple Psycho & Plastic.
The tracks on Metastability send listeners diving into melancholic encounters with imagined futures and blurred echoes from the twilight zone of former hopes and dreams.

“Subjunctivitis” opens on circling chords and a grainy background that set the eerie tone for this EP. A ghostly voice declaring “should have, should have” and a guitar melody that sounds like Ennio Morricone’s imaginary soundtrack to a lost horror film make it clear that we’re adrift in the deep waters of the mind.
“Ekpyrosis” drags listeners even further out, with dark drones, staccato rhythms, and synthesizer swashes. Disembodied vocal fragments and reverberated dripping sounds intensify the feeling that this submarine is indeed haunted.
The title track “Metastability” builds on a similar palette. The Morricone guitars are back, as are the ghostly voices, this time reminding us: “Don’t get your hopes up”The track’s sparser construction and stumbling, staggering rhythms epitomise the fragile nature of the whole EP. This is music carefully balanced on the verge of collapse, emerged from an ocean of sound and about to be washed away again by the noise.
While its title, celestial build-up and pulsing arpeggios are a clear nod to Kosmische Musik of the 1970s Berlin-school, “Kosmosis” doesn’t spiral off into the skies. It rather disintegrates into polyrhythmic fragments and bits of noise, slowly sinking to the ocean bed.

Down here is where Notopia, the second EP of the trilogy, will pick things up again.

Format: digital (EP)
Release Date: March 31st 2017
Territory: worldwide