GOLD015: Psycho & Plastic – Planet Seductron

GiveUsYourGOLD delivers more of the label’s signature nonconformist electronic music with Psycho & Plastic‘s ​“Planet Seductron” and the accompanying remix by ​Der Schmeisser, Der Tietz and Mano Meter. ​
Getting ready for label heads Psycho & Plastic’s first full length album ​Kosmopop (October 20t​h 2017​) with a big bang, lead single ​Planet Seductron offers a sensual trip to outer space that sets mind and body in motion. A combination of crisp funkiness, heavily treated vocals, sexy pads, and an abundance of alien sound wizardry, this is a tongue-in-cheek homage to radiophonic space sounds aimed at the dance floor.

A masterful remix comes courtesy of Der Schmeisser, Der Tietz and Mano Meter. Producers and residents at Kassel’s A.R.M. Club​, they each have a seriously long list of successful releases and remixes under their belts with their tracks being played at events such as Burning Man and Dekmantel Festival. Uniting their powers as a trio, Schmeisser’s groove, Mano’s feel for harmonic melodies and Tietz’s sound design transform the track into a late night techno banger that takes it to peak time levels with a constant flow of intense build ups, brief releases and pure percussive drive. Freak out!

Format: digital (single)
Release date: September 15th 2017
Territory: worldwide