GOLD017: AXL OTL – Pavero

The EP Pavero is a manifesto for a narrative electronica and AXL OTL‘s debut release on GiveUsYourGOLD, the Berlin based label for “nonconformist music” run by Psycho & Plastic.
Having lived in France and Japan, AXL OTL now also resides in Berlin, channeling the best of his cosmopolitan experiences into his music. And it sounds just like Maurice Ravel is playing Street Fighter II against Siriusmo. Ethereal harmonies, unstoppable grooves and rich analog textures intertwine and give life to a wordless electronic storytelling.

We start with a mesmerizing day trip to “Sangenjaya”, Tokyo, with its morning sun light and the kaleidoscopic neon signs of the night. Next, the EP’s title track “Pavero” conjures up a couple of humpback whales flying majestically in the sky. “Ondes Beta” twitches rhythmically with a kick/snare pattern you just can’t sit till to. Melancholic and obsessive, “99 Excuses” deals with some bitter procrastination issues. Oriental rhythms set a new tone in “Dönerstag” with its odd 7/8 time signature borrowed from traditional Mediterranean music.

All tracks started from a narrative pitch before being translated into music, some from sweet comic strips, some from endless lyrics. On the artist’s website, you can actually read up on the tracks for more insight into this process.
But for sheer musical travels into your own imagination, this EP is a trustworthy vessel!

Inspired by London.
Designed in Paris.
Crafted in Berlin.

Format: limited 12″ vinyl & digital (EP)
Release Date: June 16th 2017
Territory: worldwide