Foto: Matthias Leitlein
Foto: Matthias Leitlein

Plastik is the solo project of Berlin-based electronic composer and producer Alexandre Decoupigny, who also is one half of the psychedelic electronic band Psycho & Plastic.

After studying pop music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Alexandre lost all interest in writing and performing music. Instead, he entered the world of sonic arts, exhibiting and performing in the major arts venues in the North West of England.

Having relocated to the small German town of Weimar in 2007, Alexandre met Canadian musician Rae Spoon. Witnessing one of Rae’s performances led Alexandre back into writing and performing music so that he started a one-man band. This fused into Alexandre’s current band project Psycho & Plastic after repeatedly touring together with Psychonautilus, another one-man band.

Rae’s invitation to tour Canada’s West Coast in the summer of 2016 and the idea to create a platform for Alexandre’s personal artistic output finally led to today’s incarnation of Plastik.
Plastik combines the energies of collaborating with one of Canada’s most interesting and significant songwriters of today with the rawness and sense of adventure it takes to explore and excite the underground clubs of Berlin and beyond with the duo Psycho & Plastic.