Psycho & Plastic

Photo: Christoph Neumann

Psycho & Plastic are a Berlin based duo with a passion for nonconformist electronic music. They are on a mission to reintroduce a sense of wonder and adventure to both the dance floor and the home listening experience.

Their growing number of releases and energetic live appearances are vibrant testimonies of their prowess as producers, composers and performers. Trained musicians who have been touring together for years, their electronic live performance is a stunning display of musicianship as well as a reliable dance floor shaker in the club. Their efforts as recording artists culminate in 2017 with the release of the first full length Psycho & Plastic album Kosmopop, a sonic exploration of an imaginary galaxy, its planets, inhabitants and, in general, the Unknown.

Their uncompromising combination of art and dance floor, experiment and pop identifies Psycho & Plastic as an innovative act prototypical for Berlin and has earned them praise from radio stations and music blogs across Europe.
 Their video for “Matekater” was one of the the winning videos at the Noisekölln Music Video Awards, and selected for screening at the Groovy Movie Picturehouse during Glastonbury Festival.

The duo’s fiercely independent spirit is not only embodied in their music, but also in their decision to operate their own label GiveUsYourGOLD, a home to Psycho & Plastic and a growing number of other artists and their nonconformist music.

The sound that will take the city’s clubs by storm” – BLN.FM/Berlin

“Psycho & Plastic clearly have broad sonic ambitions” – Stuart Bruce/Chain DLK

“Our favourite Teutonic duo of rambunctious electronica escapism” – Monolith Cocktail