renu-press-shotRENU is the defnition of a consummate and original artist. To describe her as talented would be an understatement. Primarily she is a professional tabla player (Indian classical drums and one of the most complex instruments in the world). In itself, this would make her unique, female Tabla players are rare. However, she is much more than this. RENU is a multi-percussionist/instrumentalist, producer and composer who regularly travels the world to study Latin percussion, cajon, and tabla in countries such as India, Cuba, Brazil and Spain (to name but a few).
RENU started her musical journey around 2000, playing percussion for bands in the Asian Underground electronic scene, a seminal musical-political movement spearheaded by London artists such as Talvin Singh, Asian Dub Foundation and Fun-da-mental.
In addition RENU performed and toured globally with artists such as Grace Jones, MIKA, Alabama 3, Tunde Jegede and State of Bengal.
She is also an experienced composer, songwriter, musician and producer with 3 fnely crafted albums under her belt and regularly writes for theatre, choreography and flm.
In the summer of 2015 RENU moved from London to Berlin, having the sensation that here she will be able to grow and express herself without boundaries as a female artist. This rings especially true for new direction her artistry has taken her: producing electronic music. In her new home base Berlin, RENU has signed with GiveUsYourGOLD. Her first release on the label is the EP Plasma, an audiovisual triptych of sounds, dance and film.