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GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability out now!

Today sees the worldwide release of GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability, the first of three Psychonautilus EPs in quick succession, in digital format. Get it here amongst others:

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GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia and GOLD014: Psychonautilus – Oneiromania are out on April 14th and April 28th respectively.

Track listing Metastability:
1. Subjunctivitis
2. Ekpyrosis
3. Metastability
4. Kosmosis


GOLD012, 013, 014: Psychonautilus EP Trilogy

Our next releases are three EPs by Psychonautilus and come in quick succession,
every two weeks:

GOLD012: Psychonautilus – Metastability on March 31st

GOLD013: Psychonautilus – Notopia on April 14th

GOLD014: Psychonautilus – Oneiromania on April 28th

That’s 10 tracks of noisy electronica from the krautrock/ambient/experimental continuum.
Here’s a little taste: